REVIEW: Jaga Jazzist’s “Live with Britten Sinfonia”

Jaga Jazzist photo JagaJazzist13_cover_zps84de3de5.jpg It has been a long three years since Jaga Jazzist released their last album, One-Armed Bandit but they have returned, this time with a live album, and joining them are Britten Sinfonia, a “chamber orchestra ensemble based in Cambridge, UK”. This is far from being Deep Purple’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra, it is something far more successful and enjoyable.

Live With Britten Sinfonia (Ninja Tune) now offers a chance for the listener to hear some of Jaga Jazzist’s great songs backed with an orchestra, and with their music being so packed with “moments”, it’s a way to help validate what has already been validated, but in a regal manner. You have tracks like “One-Armed Bandit”, “Kitty Wu”, “For All You Happy People”, “Oslo Skyline”, and “Bananfluer Overalt”, which are taken to new levels not only with orchestral backings, but in the arrangements performed here. This is the kind of music that should not only be doing bigger tours throughout Europe, but in North America, Japan… everywhere. If anything, Live is a way to kick back and listen to some Jaga Jazzist classics, and to be able to say “Jaga Jazzist classics” is saying a lot as well, with a group one enjoys hearing. Immerse yourself in their power.

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