FREE MP3 DL: Columboid’s “Juicy Mode”

 photo Columboid_old_zpsabc7b559.jpg
Are these three men part of the latest teen sensations? No, they are Columboid, and Brooklyn is where they are stationed at. They are also stationed on the La Société Expéditionnaire label, who will be releasing the trio’s second album, Monster Vision. While they are modern day pioneers of the synth-sax, the group are much more than something novel for the sake of being novel, these guys rock in a way that brings to mind hints of surf music, 60’s garage rock, and just something that can’t be explained. You have to hear it, not only because it’s called “Juicy Mode” (not to be confused with “Juicy Mold”), but because they’re turning out music worth checking out and spreading to everyone. On top of that, a song with a 2:57 intro? Check it out now.

You may also want to check them out in a live setting, with two scheduled performances next month:
June 19… Brooklyn, NY (St. Vitus)
June 29… Philadelphia, PA (Ortlieb’s)

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