SOME STUFFS: Slum Village honor 20 years of existence with “Evolution”

Slum Village photo SlumVillageE_cover_zps02cdc1a4.jpg
Hard to believe that Slum Village have been around for 20 years, right? I’m sure they are too, and in honor of being around for two decades, the group are releasing a new album on June 25th called Evolution (Ne’Astra). The album will feature a number of guests, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rapper Big Pooh, Raheem Devaughn, Blu, and many more.

The group now consists of original member T3, and to his side are Young RJ and Illa J, and the album touches on the changes to a person that happens throughout life, and finding reasons for the things that develop, which leads to ones ever-changing evolution. Production duties on this one were done by T3, Young RJ and FOCUS.

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