REVIEW: Columboid’s “Monster Vision”

 photo Columboid_cover_zps31fba26d.jpg Columboid play the kind of rock that covers a wide spectrum of sound and influences. On one end they enjoy punking it up, on another end you may hear hints of garage or surf music. Or in a track like “Superlatude” you’ll hear some of these things run through a progressive rock filter, and then it turns somewhere unexpected a few minutes later. This is the band’s monster vision, which they nicely reveal in their album called Monster Vision (La Société Expéditionnaire), where you go in one way and come out more fabulous than ever before. Upon first listen, some of the bands they reminded me of include The Flaming Lips, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, and mr. Gnome. The interludes presented on this album (there are three listed and an epilogue, although the intro to “Shop Attack” could be considered an interlude as well) sound like they were recorded and mixed in mono, sounding like something recorded onto cassette as a demo recording and left as is. The proper songs are fully developed and mixed beautifully, as if this punk rock is not meant to sound this way but it did because the musicians were in love with the clowns and makeup. I say this because some of this music sounds festive, or at least fun to listen as much as I think it was to play, and the use of reverb in parts gives it that lo-fi quality of many albums in the early 60’s and 80’s, where the budget may not have been as well as their friends but they were going to do their best to make it work. There are even passages of minimalism that may remind some of Can or certain Echo & The Bunnymen passages. The different audio textures Columboid go through to make Monster Vision work is a part of the album’s distinctive qualities, giving the songs their own individual character that helps to develop the overall picture they’re trying to paint as a whole. It doesn’t matter what the full picture is, just dive in and have some fun. Develop your own imagery later.

(You may pre-order Monster Vision through Bandcamp below {or click here if the player is not showing up.)

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