REVIEW: Luciano Caruso/Luigi Vitale’s “Tripterygion”

 photo LucianoCaruso_cover_zps73b3c738.jpg Tripterygion (Aut) is a unique jazz album by Luciano Caruso (soprano sax) and Luigi Vitale (vibes), and if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy avant-garde or improvsational jazz, you are not going to like this album. On this, the two musicians have a musical dialogue, an exchange that sounds like two people having a discussion about what happened the night before or throughout the week. Caruso’s saxophone work is alive and vibrant, while Vitale’s vibe work is primarily subdued when it has to be, but very active when it has a statement to be made. In a piece like “Balistes Carolinensis”, the vibraphone takes on a different path, as it is played in a fashion that sounds like someone packing their suitcase, prepared to go on a short vacation. When it reaches “Codium Bursa”, that’s when it gets a bit more musical, although throughout the 14-track experience you discover how musical a conversation can be, whether it’s between the voices of two instruments, a metaphor for the voices of two people. A nice-yet-interesting (and curious) listen.

(Tripterygion can be ordered digitally or as a hard copy CD directly from

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