BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Sketch Tha Cataclysm’s “Sopa Divertida Con Seis Sabores”

 photo SketchTCsdcss_cover-sml_zpsb609ddbd.jpg He has returned once again with a brand new song, and this one is a killer. Sketch Tha Cataclysm‘s flow in “Sopa Divertida Con Seis Sabores” is killer, as if he and this instrumental were made for each other. As for the instrumental, Sketch has this to say about it:

“(I) was starting to listen to the homie Cove from Buffalo’s instrumental project called Give Me My Salsa While It’s Still Fresh and immediately heard this track. I had to spit to it. And I did.

Luckily, Cove was working on a collabs project so it all worked out. Many future collaborations between us will soon come.”

It sounds so simple, but hearing this is just the passage towards more, but obtaining that means patience so we all…must…wait. Until then, have a listen to this.

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