VIDEO: Ivan Ives’ “8mm”

Ivan Ives has been getting a buzz for the last six years, and it has lead to this fruition known as “8mm”. We’re not talking about guns here, but about looking through old school 8mm film cameras. As someone who had parents who used a super 8, and who has fooled around with the camera, the video (shot by Ives) definitely has that 8mm feel but in this case, he used an 8mm app to give it that grainy and worn out feel. Also giving the track a warm, grainy, and worn out feel: producer RJD2. When I say the track is “worn out”, I mean that it has and can be trusted, and it’s RJD2, you can’t go wrong there.

Ives will be releasing the Stranger album, which is where “8mm” can be found upon release.

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