SOME STUFFS: A three week wait until The Mantles release new album

June 18 is just three weeks away, and that’s how long Mantles fans have to wait to hear their new album, Long Enough To Leave (Slumberland Records), but they’ve been trickling out a song here and there, and here is… well, there. This song is called “Shadow Of Your Step”, and it’s a nice way to introduce listeners to the second album to come. The band will be on tour this summer, with one warm-up show in June. You may have a glance at the tour dates by clicking here.

AUDIO: Disclosure featuring Eliza Doolittle’s “You & Me (Toro Y Moi Remix)”

 photo DisclosureTYM_cover_zps48ddd2bc.jpg
On one hand, you have Disclosure and his song “You & Me”, which features Eliza Doolittle. We have that, correct? Okay.

On the other hand, you have Toro Y Moi, king of the land, ruler of what he does. He has created a remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me”, which features Eliza Doolittle. We have that too, correct?

Now look at your hands. Are they filthy or clean? You now realize this post has nothing to do with your real hands, but rather how happy this song may make you. Or me. Or “You & Me”. See how that works? Good.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath releases “side a // side b” as a cassingle

 photo IVPoly_cover_zps8bdedae4.jpg
If you’re a fan of indie rock, punk, or other forms of underground music, you’ll know that one of the current trends is purchasing a release on cassette. There has been a small handful of hip-hop releases on cassette, but one word that I haven’t come across yet is cassingle. At least until now.

side a // side b is the appropriate name for the new cassingle by IV The Polymath, featuring “C.R.E.A.M” as the A-side, and “007” as the flip side. They look like this:
 photo IVPoly_CASS_zpsfa336529.jpg

You can purchase your copy by clicking over to It is 2013 so yes, you are able to purchase it digitally, which you may do so by clicking the Bandcamp player below (or heading here.)

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Faces On The Dollar”

Corner store, car wash, and public park vibes are what make up this new visual abrasion by Gensu Dean and Planet Asia. The song is taken from their great Abrasions album on Mello Music Group, and if you missed out on that, maybe this video will be a helpful way to let you know “see and hear what you’re missing?” The video was nicely directed by Jake Handegard.

VIDEO: The Capsules’ “Across the Sky”

Northern Lights & Southern Skies is the forthcoming album from The Capsules that, for the time being, will only be released in the UK, but maybe some exposure will change that. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Julie Shielde, the video for “Across The Sky” shows them playing in front of some toys and action figures, including a toy merchandise tent.

The group have already done shows with The Flaming Lips, The Mountain Goats, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and have had some success with getting their music in video games and cartoons. Perhaps North America will have to prepare for their arrival, so welcome them here and now, if you haven’t done so already.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg & George Clinton interview (Part 1)

This video has come to my attention a few minutes ago, a segment from the Double G Network, or GGN. It is the creation of Snoop Dogg, who some may call Snoop Lion right now but I’ll be safe and just call him Snoop. He brings in George Clinton for an interview and a smoke, and Clinton digs deep about his musical history. There has been word of a reality show for Clinton and while I’m split on that concept, I like this idea a lot more. This is only Part 1 of the interview, so I highly look forward to the second part, maybe a third? We’ll see.

This video comes courtesy of Snoop Dogg TV/West Fest TV, so click the link and browse through the many videos he has to offer.

FREE DL: JFKrateZ’s “S​.​L​.​A​.​N​.​G. (Speak Like A New Generation)”

 photo JFKratez_cover2_zpsf6e44661.jpg
A few days ago I posted a new video by JFKrateZ as a means to promote his new street album. If you missed the video for “Moves”, you may click here to see it. You are now here to check out the album, which features guest spots from Jargon, Fortune, June2Real, Bennie Boom, Dom, Champ, Isiah Williams, Vanee, and Kadesh Flow. To learn more about him and his collective, head to his official Tumblr page.

VIDEO: Ivan Ives’ “8mm”

Ivan Ives has been getting a buzz for the last six years, and it has lead to this fruition known as “8mm”. We’re not talking about guns here, but about looking through old school 8mm film cameras. As someone who had parents who used a super 8, and who has fooled around with the camera, the video (shot by Ives) definitely has that 8mm feel but in this case, he used an 8mm app to give it that grainy and worn out feel. Also giving the track a warm, grainy, and worn out feel: producer RJD2. When I say the track is “worn out”, I mean that it has and can be trusted, and it’s RJD2, you can’t go wrong there.

Ives will be releasing the Stranger album, which is where “8mm” can be found upon release.

VIDEO: Ferns’ “Impulsive”

“Impulsive” by Ferns is a very cool looking video where it seems like the camera is up close, or at least the focus is in their faces. You can even see how blotchy they are. They call their style of music “dream punk”, but what does something like that sound like? Take a listen, as it is a slice of their mini-LP Whatever We Plan. Whatever they do plan, stay tuned. Or perhaps you’d like to see them live. You have four chances to do so:

June 7… Brooklyn, NY (The Trash Bar)
June 29… Brooklyn, NY (Way Station)
July 24… New York, NY (Arlene’s Grocery)
August 9… New York, NY (Piano’s Showroom)

FREE MP3 DL: The Rub featuring Misun’s “Feel You

 photo TheRub_cover_zps720be015.jpg
The Rub are a DJ collective that have been known for their DJ sets and parties for over a decade. Consisting of DJ Ayers and DJ Eleven, the collective once called Cosmo Baker a member but when he wanted to move on to do his own thing, The Rub became a duo, and they’re about to release an EP, the first featuring all original music. “Feel You” is a song which features vocalist Misun, and if this is a sign of how the rest of the EP will be, release it right now. Eh, we have to wait for another two weeks before T&A Records releases it on June 11th.