COVERED: Miles Davis vs. DJ Big Styles

 photo COVERED_MilesDJ_zps7992e251.jpg
Miles Davis is very much the epitome of cool, so when he recorded ‘Round About Midnight for Columbia Records (his debut for the label), he must’ve considered it a step-up to “the big boys” although by looking at the cover, it may appear that he’s taking an in-studio snooze. Or maybe he told producer George Avakian “hey George, play that back again, I want to make sure I got everything in there.” The end result was a soon-to-be-classic album, and the start of an incredible relationship between Davis and Columbia.

Los Angeles’ DJ Big Styles put together his half hour mix called First Monday Mix No. 2 and when it came to cover inspiration, it seemed quite obvious. He has done a few classic album cover homages before, and this one represents the music in his new mix quite well. It is a free download from Soundcloud but if you’d like to look at the track listing first, click here. To hear more of his mixes, head to his full Soundcloud page

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