REVIEW: Al Dobson Jr & Creole+’s “Japan Project”

 photo AlDobson_cover_zpse60dfdbc.jpg Japan Project (One Handed Music) is a two-way project between producers Al Dobson Jr. and Creole+, who decided to make Japan the means of their union, at least in music. As for the music itself, it’s described by both of them in this fashion:
“From Al Dobson Jr’s Love of Kabocha squash, Japanese broad bean, Mung sprouts, Karate, Satsumas, Radish and Fish. and Creole+’s recent trip to the east. All samples and sound bites are taken from records produced in Japan and the surrounding islands.”

Each instrumental is done individually by each of them, and while they sound ready-made for other rappers to do their thing, they also work as instrumentals worth exploring. Some of it sounds like a few of the projects Madlib has done over the years, and while most of the samples used are Japanese in origin, sometimes there’s a few bursts of laughter that not only sounds like these guys had fun in putting this together, but that perhaps they’re also having fun with the listeners. Or they’re laughing at the listeners, but in a spirited way. The music on Japan Project moves at a quick pace to where I felt it wasn’t enough, but that leaves room for more projects from this team.

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