REVIEW: The March Divide’s “Music For Television” (EP)

 photo MarchDivide_cover2_zps1d0436a1.jpg Music For Television (Dead Letter) is a new EP by The March Divide, who venture forward with their combination of folk, pop, and songs that take on the tone of diary entries or personal blogs, all of which could easily become songs for commercial use. The band rock out by the time they get to song number 5, “Write Of”, but until then, they play the type of pleasant jingle-jangle folk pop that is sure to bring in a devoted audience. While the stories are good and motivational, I found the music staying in one corner and never coming out to play, which is unfortunate since the lyrics demand a full-on presentation. Until they, the music on Music For Television sounds as if they’re stuck on one channel. There’s something in The March Divide, but I’m not hearing it yet.

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