REVIEW: Judy’s Funeral’s “Four Track Extended Play”

 photo JudysFuneral_cover_zps80558e38.jpg Judy’s Funeral are a band from Poland who are about the darker and gloomier side of life, or at least gloom and glum but without feeling eternal doom. That’s the style of rock they play on Four Track External Play, which could easily be a 4-song EP as indicated by the title but the EP actually ends with a nice ten minute piece that helps to seal the deal on what these guys are about. “The Machine” has all of the instruments turned up beyond a notch, as a voice is heard as an echo in the distance, barely coming through. Part of what makes this work is struggling to figure out what he’s singing, but realizing that getting lost in the power and volume is best. “252” is a bit ethereal in nature, starting off with jangling guitar and subtle taps of the drum cymbals before one finds themselves secluded (or maybe it’s seduced) by the overwhelming embrace of guitar and bass echoing on itself. It’s instrumental, and it feels so good. “By Night” may remind people of what an electronic combo from Germany would have sounded like with a new wave band from Liverpool, with drums that bang on like watching a marathon race from start to finish. “Your Sorry Life” is industrial in nature, and while one may be unsure of what’s going on, the listener wants to keep on going before the voice heard smashes and suffocates you.

The EP’s closer, the 10-minute “Before You Fade Away”, shows the group showing their complexities, musicianship, and songwriting skills in a fashion that presents them as a group to pay attention to. It’s not noise for the sake of making noise, or a piece where volume is the sole reason for existing, there is a bit of depth in this melodramatic song where taking the journey throughout is part of the joy (or sadness) in enjoying it. In the end, I like the order of Judy’s Funeral disorder, and how they’re able to balance it so that one doesn’t think the group will create music in one specific way. Whatever people choose to hear from them, may that be a reason to stay around and want to hear more.

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