REVIEW: Svarte Greiner’s “Black Tie”

 photo SvarteGreiner_cover_zps55633a15.jpg Svarte Greiner is a pseudonum for artist Erik K. Skodvin, and on Black Tie (Miasmah), he explores two different spectrums in a long form manner.

The title track runs for 20 1/2 minutes and basically goes through different phases, all based on a singular note. The repetition of that note may lead some to call it drone, but it’s the sounds behind the notes that help to push everything along towards coming to a nice conclusion. A bit more hairy in presentation is the 21-minute “White Noise” and if “Black Tie” is meant to be the presentable piece of this project, “White Noise” is very much what the removal of the tie sounds like. It’s nothing but a soundtrack of a gory haze, but one that keeps the listener there throughout the duration, wherever there may be. It’s quite nice if you’re into experimental and avant-garde sounds, but I found the title track to be meditative, quite relaxing, even during the portion when the space between the repetitive notes may make you drift off and jump out of your seat.

(Black Tie is available digitally, on vinyl, and CD directly from, or from below.)

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