RECORD CRACK: Orange is the new wax for Blame One & J57 LP

 photo BlameoneJ57WITS_cover_zpsf343ee39.jpg
Walk In The Sun is the album by Blame One and J57 that will be released on August 27th, and apart from being able to pre-order it digitally (which you may do below via Amazon), the album will be pressed on vinyl for all to have and hear. The 2-record set will be on orange vinyl in relation to the cover art, and come with download code so you may have the album in digital form. Pre-orders for those can be made through

For the time being, Blame One and J57 have shared another song from the album, this one with Akie Mermiss, and it’s called “How Much Time’s Left”

FREE MP3 DL: Michael Jackson’s “Get Down With Your Bad Self (Platurn Blend)”

 photo MJPlaturn_Bad_zps89dba66a.jpg
Who’s bad? WHO’S BAD? Ask your mama. Ask your father. Ask your sister. Ask me.
In this case, DJ Platurn is bad, feel free to ask him. He put together a nice Michael Jackson edit/blend here, so you better get to this as it will only be up while supplies last, trust me on this. Is that bad? Hold on: WHO’S BAD?

RECORD CRACK: Black metal from Yellow Eyes on black vinyl

 photo YellowEyes_cover_zpsf2ea5763.jpg
Fans of New York’s Yellow Eyes have been waiting for a possible vinyl pressing of the band’s album, Hammer Of Night, and with help from Denmark’s Dead Section Records, that pressing is now a reality. Only 200 copies of the album have been pressed, each one with a silk screened cover. You can order your copy directly from Dead Section’s web store, but preview the track “Light Has Fallen” through the Soundcloud player below, or stream the full album via Bandcamp.

(NOTE: The currency “kr” stands for Danish krona, so the cost of the album is about $15 before shipping. To the U.S., final price will be about $30 with shipping, but currency rates change on a daily basis so check it out first.)

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “#MONSANTO” (mixtape trailer)

As I’ve said a few times before, normally I have reservations of posting “trailers” for songs, albums, EP’s, or anything relating to music since to me, the proper music video is a trailer in itself. I take exception to this. True Natural Crew is a group featuring Margot Padilla, Daveed Diggs, and Brian Miller and while you may recognized their names from other projects (Padilla makes music as I.E., Diggs is with clipping., Miller is a part of Foot Village), this is a completely different beast altogether, and it’s a beast worth paying attention to. They’re about to release a street album called #MONSANTO, the name of which is an immediate attention grabber but there may be a reason for using this distinctive hashtag as a title. We will find this out perhaps when the album is released next month.

FREE DL: The Trouble Starts’ “Golden Silver (City Light Remix)”

Matt Shaw & Nick Andre are City Light, and when they were asked by the guys in The Trouble Starts to do a remix of one of their songs, they jumped at the opportunity. Or so at least that’s the story I want to use for this very nice reworking of a song that will appear on The Trouble Starts’ forthcoming East EP, and with enough of a push, maybe it’s the remix that will gain them a lot of radio airplay. To hear how it compares with the original, the two versions are streaming below via Bandcamp. It was a chance for the Seattle band to work with fellow Emerald City vocalist Shaw and San Francisco’s Andre, and together it is a job worth listening to, and listening to many times over.

SOME STUFFS: The essence is part of the norm for Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh

Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh have been making music for a short time but when they made a video for the song “Frozen”, that’s when a spark was lit and it was only a matter of time before people started noticing. Their bio states “if D’Angelo and Janis Joplin had a baby”, which would be fairly freaky, this mystical musical hybrid child with Texan and Virginian roots, but in this case, DeVito and Namuh (who some may also known as DJ Roane) represent the beauty of Portland, Oregon. From that beauty comes a nice album called Cloudshine Deluxe, originally released as Cloudshine on Valentine’s Day 2012 but has been given a slight deluxe treatment with two additional tracks so for those who missed out on it the first time around, make sure to get to it today. When music like this comes around, you want to be sure to hop along for the ride before it is missed again.

REVIEW: Girls Names’ “Year One”

 photo GirlsNames_cover_zpsfb4f8bac.jpg Girls Names are a trio who have released a lot of music in the last year, if their Bandcamp is any indication, but they came to my attention with the release of their EP Year One (Grindcore Karaoke). It’s a release where they cover songs that may or may not like, but artists they also may or may not like. This includes covers of songs by Chris DeBurgh, Kimya Dawson, 98 Degrees, Bad Religion, Crass, and Bad Religion, among a few. Their version of Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” is sure to pump a few fists, either in the air or through the speakers, as this band get extremely heavy and grunt their way to ultimate cover version brutality. Everyone in the group shares vocal duties, sometimes solo, sometimes in different configurations and sometimes it’s hard to tell if a voice os digitally sped up, if it’s run through distortion or if it’s heard in its natural state. It’s a wild ride from song 1 to song 9, and while it may be too short for some, I’m certain Girls Names already have twelve EP’s ready to to be released.

FREE MP3 DL: Chi City’s “Tell Me Something”

 photo ChiCityTMS_cover_zpsaadb0c9c.jpg
Chi City isn’t stopping for anyone, and with the new track “Tell Me Something”, this is proof of this. If this man doesn’t stop, he’s going to have a deep discography/fileography before the end of the decade.

VIDEO: Mega Ran, Lefty & Futuristic’s “Doubt Me (Radio Edit)”

Personally, I enjoy a quality radio edit but because of it, will some YouTube user fix this video to dub in the explicit version just so people can download the track and hear it in a filthy fashion? I hope not, as that would not be the wishes of Mega Ran, Lefty and Futuristic, who say “you don’t believe me?” How dare you “Doubt Me” would be the words one of them would say, but don’t doubt them, just listen and watch. If you’d like to enjoy the song again but without the aid of visuals, press play below.

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back The Night”

It’s new, it’s rich, it’s a new Justin Timberlake video from his forthcoming album, and he’s hanging out in Chinatown to make the magic even more magical. It’s a feast of gau gee min, ask for an extra plate.

OF NOTE: This track reminds me a bit of Jermaine Jackson’s “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)”. Feel free to compare it to whatever you like.