RECORD CRACK: Quantic & Alice Russell to release teardrop-shaped vinyl for new single

 photo Quantic_teardrop_zpscbb61cd4.jpg
You may want to pick this up even if you do not like the artists and/or music, but more value if you do. Quantic & Alice Russell are still hard at work promoting their album Look Around The Corner (Tru-Thoughts), and the third single will be released on July 16th, called “I’d Cry” b/w “Here Again”. The song has the both of them joined by Combo Bárbaro, and in honor of the song, the record is being pressed as a tearshop-shaped record, in translucent blue. You can pre-order your copy from the UK by heading to Etch Shop.

(A video for the acoustic version of the song was posted here last year in April, which you may view by clicking here.)

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