SOME STUFFS: Don Cavalli gets “Temperamental” in track from forthcoming release

 photo DonCavalli_old_zps53391582.jpg
It has been five years since Don Cavalli received his share of accoldates with the release of his debut album, Cryland. He could have rushed out another set of music, but he didn’t, probably choosing to kick back, compose when he could, and went into the studio when the time is right. It seemed the time was right for him, as Cavalli is getting ready to share his long awaited second album to America in the form of Temperamental (Everloving). August 13th is the day you can mark your calendars for, but that’s about a month away. You’re able to listen to the title track at this very moment with the Soundcloud stream below. (NOTE: The album was released in April by Because Music, and you may purchase them below through Amazon, but you will be paying “import” prices for the vinyl and CD, please keep this in mind. Everloving is giving Temperamental a wider release, which includes it being available digitally.)

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