BOOK’S FOODIE: Vegan Loco Moco Recipe (from Veggietorials)

The “loco moco” is comfort food in modern Hawai’i, and has been for decades. While its true origins remain unknwon, a loco moco consists of a hamburger patty layered over two scoops of sticky rice, with a fried egg laid over it, and then a nice layer of beef gravy layered over that. Some say that the dish was made for surfers in Hawai’i who had a long day out in the ocean and it was a nice and hefty “pick me up”. Because of its popularity in Hawai’i and the various Hawaiian communities along the West Coast, there are now many variations of loco moco to be had, including inclusions of Spam, chicken katsu, fried rice, whatever.

I found this loco moco recipe that happens to be vegan, and in place of a proper egg is something called “the vegg”. The recipe is work intensive and some might say “I’d rather eat a loco moco and deal with the consequences” but there’s a bit of science involved (no joke) so outside of being fun, it looks quite good. This video comes from the YouTube channel Veggietorials.

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