REVIEW: Girls Names’ “Year One”

 photo GirlsNames_cover_zpsfb4f8bac.jpg Girls Names are a trio who have released a lot of music in the last year, if their Bandcamp is any indication, but they came to my attention with the release of their EP Year One (Grindcore Karaoke). It’s a release where they cover songs that may or may not like, but artists they also may or may not like. This includes covers of songs by Chris DeBurgh, Kimya Dawson, 98 Degrees, Bad Religion, Crass, and Bad Religion, among a few. Their version of Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” is sure to pump a few fists, either in the air or through the speakers, as this band get extremely heavy and grunt their way to ultimate cover version brutality. Everyone in the group shares vocal duties, sometimes solo, sometimes in different configurations and sometimes it’s hard to tell if a voice os digitally sped up, if it’s run through distortion or if it’s heard in its natural state. It’s a wild ride from song 1 to song 9, and while it may be too short for some, I’m certain Girls Names already have twelve EP’s ready to to be released.

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