VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “#MONSANTO” (mixtape trailer)

As I’ve said a few times before, normally I have reservations of posting “trailers” for songs, albums, EP’s, or anything relating to music since to me, the proper music video is a trailer in itself. I take exception to this. True Natural Crew is a group featuring Margot Padilla, Daveed Diggs, and Brian Miller and while you may recognized their names from other projects (Padilla makes music as I.E., Diggs is with clipping., Miller is a part of Foot Village), this is a completely different beast altogether, and it’s a beast worth paying attention to. They’re about to release a street album called #MONSANTO, the name of which is an immediate attention grabber but there may be a reason for using this distinctive hashtag as a title. We will find this out perhaps when the album is released next month.

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