AUDIO: Lightning Bolt’s “Barbarian Boy”

Lightning Bolt photo LightningBoltBB_cover_zps9f5972d9.jpg
The cover art either represents a squid, an eyeball beast, a vaginal tribe, or an attendee at the next big music festival. In this case, it represents the new song by Lightning Bolt calleed “Barbarian Boy”, which means if this is the outfit of a barbarian boy, he has an eyeball squid vagina laminate or something. The song is the duo’s entry into the Adult Swim series of songs, which means if you watch their programming, you’ll catch this song in between breaks. Let its majestic volume burn in your skull.

0 thoughts on “AUDIO: Lightning Bolt’s “Barbarian Boy”

    • he’ll get you face in
      he’ll get your teeth in
      he’ll break your face in
      you’ll have to trust him

      you’re lying face down
      out of the race now
      you’re not a big man
      he’s not a small man


    • Most welcome. I think Black Pus probably had a brief set of lyrics made for the song but he changes some of the lines throughout the song. To my ears, that’s what it sounds like he is singing.


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