REVIEW: Causa Sui’s “Euporie Tide”

 photo CausaSuiET_cover_zps8422ecb2.jpg Denmark’s Causa Sui continue on with their deeper explorations of the instrumental way of life with Euporie Tide (El Paraiso), perhaps a very apt title if you are to interpret their music a certain way.

The trio love mixing up different styles in their playing, so you’ll have a pinch of psychedelia here, a nice wedge of progressive rock, a bit of bluesy jams in the vein of the Allman Brothers Band, or the type of music you would expect to hear in surf films of the early to mid-1970’s, thus how apt Euporie Tide is as a title, representing the tide of the ocean. The riffs and structure of “Homage” remind me a lot of the Smashing Pumpkins (think “Cherub Rock” or “Tristessa”) and how they enjoyed building up momentum and orchestrated rock without the orchestration. There are also some highly trippy moments that you might expect to hear on something of German origin, perhaps it’s Causa Sui staying true to their European origins. The wonderful blend of the heavy and the tranquil will keep the listener wanting to hear, as most of the album’s ten songs are five minutes in length or over. With each passing minute, the music reveals even more, which will (or should) lead you to wanting to hear it again, perhaps from/with a different perspective. Just when you’d like for these guys to turn a different corner in the song, they do, and many times in unexpected-yet-enjoyable places. Like an ocean, the feeling of Euporie Tide is everflowing, and I hope the guys in Causa Sui will continue to follow where their hearts will lead them. Or where the moon will lead them, as a moon has an effect on the tides of the ocean and… well, you know.

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