AUDIO: Kay SAV featuring Tah G Ali’s “Stuck”

 photo KaySAV_cover_zps8ca48858.jpg
While splitting his time between New Jersey and Illinois, Kay SAV found a way to find an identity for himself. When it came to being a rapper, he then found another persona that showed hints of his true self, and another identity in waiting. This is how he presents himself in “Stuck”, a track that brings him together with Tah G Ali, discussing what happens when you are who you are and you reach a level of intoxication. Are you satisfied with who you are, or who you were, and where does that begin and end, and why? In other words, when you’re under the influence, who is the better man: the drunk man or the sober man, and who benefits more? Some people can balance it, others find themselves unable to escape the person they’ve become, but who do you become? Kay SAV doesn’t have a solution, but offers a way through the decoding process.

Kay SAV has a small handful of songs on his Soundcloud page, including something newer than “Stuck” called “Things Change“.

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