AUDIO: Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix’s “That Night (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)”

Jazzanova photo JazzanovaPU_cover_zps1e976c44.jpg
Since the release of “That Night” in 2001, the Jazzanova song has gone through a number of impression transformations through the power of the remix. For Record Store Day this year, Sonik Kollectiv released a limited edition (300 copies) 12″ single of a new remix done by Paskal & Urban Absolutes, which lead people to wondering who they were, and what else they were doing. The production duo of Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffmann are about to reveal themselves in a major way with their debut album on Sonar Kollectiv this day, but to get a grasp of their capabilities, they currently have about 64 tracks on their Soundcloud page, so head there and explore what they’re about.

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