SOME STUFFS: They’re called HSY, and that’s good enough for me

HSY. This is pronounced “hussy”, a word that may not be used as much by today’s generation but one that still has a number of different connotations. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is indeed used today and people are being bossy (or is that bsy) about it. In this case, HSY are from Toronto and like to punk things up with a bit of sludge to show how musically dirty they are. They were able to obtain director Chris Chami to shoot a video for “Milk Chug”, a song that will appear on the band’s forthcoming Buzz Records‘ self-titled EP, The video is lo-fi and almost looks as if it was sourced from bad convenience store surveillance footage, but it somehow matches. HSY will be released on September 17th.

To hear more, they have a small number of releases available for listening and purchasing purposes on their Bandcamp page.

If you’re in New York City next month, you can catch them at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on September 21st, playing with Odonis Odonis and Eraas.

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