SOME STUFFS: Sole becomes WHITENOISE for new project

 photo WHITENOISEnmd_cover_zps1d127991.jpg
Sole has been creating the kind of hip-hop that is meant to speak for the ignored and against the ignorant. Yet there are times when perhaps one should lower the “intensity” volume a bit, and that is what Sole has done with an all-instrumental project that he’s releasing under the name WHITENOISE. If Madlib can create thirty different monikers, and one man death/doom/black metal artists can also have their series of names for each project, why not Sole? The album is called No More Dystopias (Black Canyon), and the first video is a 2-for-1 deal uniting the songs “Fallujah” and “The Military Entertainment Complex”. Even without words, the songs say a lot

Digital pre-orders can be had by clicking here, while a cassette version can also be ordered by heading there. Cassette orders will also have the digital version as well. Digital albums will be sent out on 9/11, while the cassette will reach buyers on or before the September 17th release date proper.

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