REVIEW: Reef The Lost Cauze & Haj of Dumhi’s “Sirens On Snyder” (EP)

 photo ReefDumhi_cover_zpsc3b63533.jpg A bit of South Philadelphia representation comes in the form of Sirens On Snyder, an album-length EP recorded by Reef The Lost cauze and Haj/Raj of Dumhi. For one, if you know how Reef rhymes on the mic, then you do not need any type of introduction. He displays his flows and styles on eight of the nine tracks (one of them is the introduction to the EP), and anyone who… I was going to say misses clever metaphorical but clever metaphorical can still be found in decent hip-hop, you just have to know where to look. It’s great to be given direct messages but I still want rhymes that will make me think twice, three, and maybe seven times before I go “aaah, now I get that shit”. Reef doesn’t put people in the clouds or anything, but he does offer lyrics that will make you proud to be a hip-hop fan.

As for Haj, if you have paid any attention to the works he has done within a Dumhi context, you know how mixes up sample choices and ways of executing his songs. He can be bluesy, he can do the dope shit, he may touch on an old 50’s song and flip it into something orchestral and haunting, but he never fails to amaze.

Together, these two need to be making much more music together, but if this is the only thing they’ll do, then hip-hop music has been blessed with their creativity.

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