REVIEW: Saul Conrad’s “The Fancy LP”

 photo SaulConradTFL_cover_zps5f681713.jpg The last I heard from Saul Conrad, he released an EP called Poison Packets (my review of which can be read by clicking here), where I said his music had “a love of the daring and the unknown”. He has returned with a full length album, and it’s called The Fancy LP (Mountain Of Lepers/Cavity Search).

The feel of this album is “on the road again”, travel songs that you’re supposed to know by heart, where you guy up some clothes in a handkerchief, tie it to a stick and play the part of a hobo, so that you can jump on the next train to who-knows-where. These songs are new, but they’re meant for the weary and torn, so that one can sing through/with them and find an optimistic aspect of these songs, which aren’t negative but they’re not all happy either. “I Know The Meaning” sounds more like a drunk Elton John demo than anything, but then it leads to something as charming as “Cropped”, and like his previous works, what makes these songs brighter is the vocals of Katie Schecter, which serves as support, courage, or a companion on/of the road.

Conrad’s music could be the new wave of folk, although I don’t know if folk traditionalists would like the association. He is a singer/songwriter but he’s not what I would call one that is worthy of winning a Grammy (although should). He’s a bit of a trip, not doing things by the rulebooks that tend to be a path towards success, but I hope with The Fancy LP, Conrad will find some level of success on the road he is not only walking on, but paving for himself and others along the way. Or even better: to pave a path off the road and into the musical wilderness he seems to enjoy a bit more. Feet in the dirt music: that’s Saul Conrad.

(The Fancy LP will be released on September 17th.)

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