REVIEW: Seven Sisters Of Sleep/Shaman’s Owl’s split 10″ (EP)

 photo SevenSistersShamans_cover_zpsad32371c.jpg In a new release by Feast Of Tentacles, two metal bands team up for a great 10″ EP. Shaman’s Owl take up three songs on the B-side, playing at a slow pace to where it feels like you’re crawling, or wanting to climb up a wall pouring with sorghum. However, you enjoy tasting that sorghum so much that you’re tonguing that wall, and that’s what Shaman’s Owl’s songs sound like. “Sacred Bird” is the shortest song of the three, clocking in at 2:14, while the five minutes of “The Screaming Ridge” just hits you hard as they plow at that page. There are slight variations in each song, although one could easily mistake it as three different movements within the same song, which it is not.

While the B-side will floor you, it is the A-side that will rip your face off in as you feel the pain and ecstasy of everything going on, and that’s due to the incredible ten minute track by Seven Sisters Of Sleep that is “Bastard Son”. The band begin the song in one way, but then go through different moods and textures to where they’re doing things in a speed metal fashion, all while screaming as if torture was feared, accepted, and embraced. At least that’s how I interpret the vocals of Tim McClary, who may come off sounding like some of metal’s best, but will/has become one of his and the band’s solid trademarks. “Bastard Son” sounds like a group of people realizing they’re about to sink on a ship, and everyone is trying to find some balance between trying to be saved and being a savior, and neither is happening the way it should. Each side of the record evens out the vibe of the other, and both bands bit perfectly on here and serve each other well.

(The split 10″ can be ordered from Feast Of Tentacles’ online store.)

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