VIDEO: Foreign Exchange’s “Call It Home”

I’m out on a Tuesday doing my thing, then I return home. I was aware that the guys in Foreign Exchange had presented the artwork for their forthcoming album, I was not aware they had a video made and ready to go. I am here to share said video for a song called “Call It Home”, which is the first single from Love In Flying Colors (+FE Music/Hard Boiled), and as you will hear, there is some exploration involved from Nicolay and Phonte. They always explore music from the inside out and from over under sideways down, but I like the approach here, one that I hope will bring the group to an even bigger audience. Can they get more massive than they already are? The sky found on the album cover of Love in Flying Colors is a limit worth going over and beyond, so let’s make that happen. The video, directed by Kenneth Price, shows various locations one could call home. As someone who knows where my eternal home is but also knows where I’d like to move as a means to be grounded and call a new home, I can completely relate to the imagery here, especially all the different ocean shots. I also loved what looked like shots of the railroad in India, a country I would love to visit someday. One day.

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