SOME STUFFS: Entry to the “Mug Museum” will be ready for Cate Le Bon

 photo CateLeBon_old_zps1b72b98f.jpg
Singer Cate Le Bon will be releasing an album on November 12th called Mug Museum (Wichita/The Elite Meat Supply (Turnstile)), and the first burst of sound from the album can be heard in a track she did with Perfume Genius, called “I Think I Knew”. One might call her a pop chanteuse but that may be due to her accent more than anything, but listen to the song in question.

Her new album is the follow up to last year’s Cyrk and marks not only a new musical movement for her, but also follows a move to the United States from Cardiff. Has the California sunshine changed her music at all? So far not yet, but I think someone like Le Bon can keep things like that in check so that she doesn’t become a bubblegum pop star. Then again, look at what happened with The Dirtbombs. Anyway, Mug Museum was written during a time she was grieving over the passing of her mother, which made her start to evaluate her role as a woman in her family and what that means for her and her future. Musically, her future is secure and I’d like to think that on the album, it does end wit a bit of brightness at the end of the tunnel.

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