REVIEW: Moloch/Ensorcelor’s split LP

 photo Moloch_cover_zps8a8f9d00.jpg Psychic Assault/De Graanrepubliek/Feast Of Tentacles have released a split album between Moloch and Ensorcelor, and this one is a brutal metal effort. Moloch are from Nottingham, England and whose style of sludge metal is ugly and disgusting, where everything is a scream for solace and survival and the riffs keep on digging deep into the wound until all that is left is bone. “Nihilist” stays at its steady pace for most of its duration, but when they get over that wallowing hill, the engines kick in and they’re racing for the finish line, it sounds incredible. “Protagonist” begins with a guitar that paints the song stroke by stroke, and eventually builds before reducing to a nice simmer.

While Moloch get two songs, Montreal’s Ensorcelor are given an entire side of the record to execute their sonic dream with the 20 minute “Flesh Dreams Of Uninhabited Space”. It begins with the sound of a woman layered with echo and reverb (it sounds like one woman singing to herself via multi-track), and some of the reverb sounds like old 1960’s echo chamber reverb, it’s intriguing. Then the guitar, bass, and drums blast through at the 2:30 mark, and it sounds big and loud, which makes sense since the band are five members strong. Each riff plods through like a machete going through a body made out of molasses, but then the guitars sound like they’re doing something a bit extra, more than spacey riffs. Then that moment disappears and the stride stays at its pace for most of the song as the vocals/screams begin to tell its dreams of the unbearable. The guitars begin to get more melodic, still at a slow pace but done to where anticipating what may come next feels good, which may sound odd for music that may seem dark and alone. A little after the seven minute mark, the screaming vocalist is joined by a growling voice, and their duet begins. It’s insanely crusty, and even at this point it doesn’t seem like the song has lasted this long. When it finally reaches the end, I wanted to hear more from Ensorcelor, maybe three more songs so that I’d get a full album of their work. Maybe next time.

(The split album can be ordered from Feast of Tentacles.)

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