REVIEW: Jason Crumer’s “Gentrification Suite”

Jason Crumer photo JasonCrumer_cover_zpsdb819971.jpg
One of the men responsible for Reverse Baptism’s Street Business is back with a new release, this time a 3-track cassette that runs under 30 minutes. I speak of Jason Crumer.

The title track is described as “a crumbly composition blending water sources such as leaking faucets with tape manipulated trumpet and white noise.” About 90 seconds into the water effecs, there is a gentle hum in the background. The drips then increase in a stereophonic manner and it then sounds like something is either trying to go down a train or coming up. There is a single note whistle (is this the trumpet at high pitch?) sound that repeats itself over and over, hard to say if that is coming from the outside of the room where the faucets are happening, or if it’s just a random sound being mixed in. By the five minute point, it almost feels like the sink has turned into a bathtub and what we’re hearing is either two additional people in the tub releasing diarrhea, or it’s stereophonic water draining. When the piece reaches the half way point, that’s when things started getting loud and disorderly, as if we’re witnessing an audio crime and the draining water is just something scenic. Eventually, a kiddie xylophone (or what sounds like one) enters the room.

The B-side features two tracks. “Morale Man” is described as “raw noise glorifying garbage that opens into something more complex”. I am reminded of what Prurient was known for as he jammed microphones into amps and waved it all over the place, but then it morphs into something less intense and almost calming. Almost. It is then pulled into a pattern of pulses that comes off rhythmic, but you don’t know anyone who would dance to this, nor a club that would play it. It’s electricity, and it’s in your mind and bloodstream before a steady trickle/tapping of something is looped and multiplied by two or three.

“Glory Of Noise” is described as “an action piece where a room full of metal is destroyed as an angry/funny chant rises to the foreground.” In this case, a potential melody is played but chopped to the point of irritation so that one isn’t able to comprehend the beauty or ugliness of what’s being played. It could be interpreted as someone turning the radio to different channels and getting the same song over and over, but played in different intervals. Then the noise comes in to save the way as someone enters a metal bucket and tries to save themselves. Or it’s a horse stuck in a shed and is trying to get itself out. Or it’s a car made out of horse meat, trying to prevent itself from being a sandwich. Then the noise comes in and cuts off the hooves. The track’s last 75 seconds consists of noisy slicing and twists, while the “angry/funky chant” of someone saying “fuck you” is wrestling with the high voltage noise and in the end, everyone wins. Then again, it could be a kung fu match involving vulgarities and cigarette butts.

(Gentrification Suite can be purchased on cassette from No Rent Records.)

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