Retic photo Retic_cover_zpsce2ea0f9.jpg Sacramento artist Retic has released an electronic power house of an album that may not sound electronic at all, and far from being inhumane. It’s an 11-track recording called Flesh Farm and it sounds like the kind of music that, if it were to get into the hands of the right people, it would be hugely popular. Get someone to show support, get someone famous to remix it, or someone just to say “I am down with the sound of Retic, let’s get ridiculous with it”. This is the kind of dance music that should be sweeping the nation. Nothing against Daft Punk at all, but the world cannot live by Daft Punk alone. Pave a path for Retic.

(Flesh Farm is available as a free download and “Name Your Price” option, and for those prefer hard copy, it’s available as a limited edition compact disc.)

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