VIDEO: Kevin Okimoto’s “Love Is Not A Game (from “Soul Sessions USA)”

Soul Sessions USA is a Hawai’i-based website and show dedicated to shining the light on Hawaiian and soul music from the Hawaiian Islands. On a previous website of mine, I called this “Altered Aloha” as a way to say that there is a lot of different music from Hawai’i that isn’t Hawaiian or reggae, but they need to be exposed to the world as well. Kevin Okimoto, who some of you may remember as a member of the Opihi Pickers, plays his music acoustically and show there is a subtle reggae and ska vibe to “Love Is Not A Game”, it actually is distinctively Hawaiian in the arrangement and vocal styling, and that is very much to my liking. He has a lot of other live performances available on YouTube, so do a search and give him a shot if you like what you hear.

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