RECORD CRACK: WTCHS/Das Rad unite to release a 7″ lathe single

 photo WTCHS_cover2_zps5920fa47.jpg
Two Canadian bands are combining their efforts to release not just a split 7″ single, but a split 7″ lathe.

WTCHS offer the five minute “Overkilmer/Some Girls”, which sounds like it was recorded on cassette with a portable deck, complete with layers of normal bias tape hiss and warping amounts of reverb and echo. Das Rad‘s two contributions are clearer in quality but is loud and ruthless as what’s on the other side of the record. In fact, have a look at the video for one of Das Rad’s songs on the record, “Heavy Flow”.

Only 33 copies are being made of this lathe by the Perdu label, each one coming in silk-screened packaging and a four-page booklet. To order or listen to the songs, click to the Bandcamp player below. The record will be released on September 21st. BTW: all of the songs on the 7″ can be downloaded for free.

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