AUDIO: Mack Wilds featuring Method Man’s “Wild Things”

 photo MackWilds_old_zps4db63538.jpg
Upon first look at the credit for the song, I thought cool, Method Man has dropped a verse or two in this song. Then I played and then it became a thing of disbelief. The music sounds like it is trying to show hints of the Wu-Tang Clan but done to give it an R&B feel. I bow down to the greatness of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in less than two months, but don’t try to sweeten the Wu. Let it remain the Miracle on Dirty 4-Beats that it has always been. However, Mack Wilds then drops a verse of his own and saves it from sounding like a Chris Brown-ish mess. The song is from Wilds’ forthcoming album New York: A Love Story.

2 thoughts on “AUDIO: Mack Wilds featuring Method Man’s “Wild Things”

  1. I feel ya fam but ain’t nothing soft about this track. It’s about reintroducing what Staten Island is, the hustle, flow and style clash of old school to new school.


    • Nowhere in my review did I state anything was “soft”. It may not have started out to my liking, but the second half made things better, which then made the overall song better.

      You bring up another question. Do you feel Staten Island needs re-introducing and if so, why does it need to be re-introduced? Who do you think are those who should take charge and be the representation of the borough for the remainder of the 10’s? Inform.


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