SOME STUFFS: WKCR-FM to begin 24-hour birthday broadcast to John Coltrane

 photo JohnColtrane_old_zpscd5efef9.jpg
Had he lived, John Coltrane may have turned 87 years old on September 23rd. In honor of his birthday, WKCR-FM 88.9 in New York City will be running their annual 24-hour broadcast of nothing but John Coltrane music. If you are a deep fan or Coltrane collector, you probably know all too well that 24 hours isn’t enough, but they’re going to do their best, as they have done for many years. Fortunately you don’t have to be in the tri-state to tune in and listen, as WKCR offers not one, but two different live streams: for an MP3 stream and Real Audio. Click to WKCR and look at the upper right hand corner of the page, then choose the option that is best for you. It begins at midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific tonight, and runs until midnight tomorrow/9pm Pacific Monday. If you’re not working or don’t have to go to school, listen to the whole thing or as much as possible. Or simply tune in when you can, it should be a great ride.

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