REVIEW: Midnight Faces’ “Fornication”

 photo MidnightFaces_cover_zps7d85d29d.jpg Maybe the reason a lot of artists take to the music of the past is because it tends to look into a time that no longer exists, but it’s less about the time period and more about what people felt, what they were like, what was the mentality of those moments. Midnight Faces creates music that sounds like it was recorded in the 1980’s or early 1990’s, when pop music was still something vast and worthy. Fornication (Broken Factory) may sound like distant echoes of what was, but what makes them work today is because they tell human stories, stories that are relevant to me, stories that I might be able to pass along to someone as a means of wanting to know them, so that they could know more about me. Interactive music. Face to face intimacy, it’s that type of music Matthew Warn and Philip Stancil because it says something, and having that something means finding and wanting substance:
I don’t wanna fall like the rest of them
I can’t explain, it’s not the same
I won’t be told
I don’t wanna feel what they told me to
I can’t pretend I won’t surrender
Now I know
” (from “Fornication”)

When we move, and we feel the heartache
and all the silence now is broken down
I don’t mind knowing
” (from “Holding On”)

I can feel these memories fading
Watched these places fall and wasted
But until Nnow I don’t believe it
Now I know ’cause I can feel it
” (from “Identity”)

It’s about honoring the here and now, understanding the great inevitable is never too far from us, and that when it is possible, to get involved in a bit of the album title. Or to (album title) shit up. Do what must be done to not give a (n album title). Feel good, before we are unable to feel or know what it was like to feel.

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