AUDIO: Supreme Cuts featuring Mahaut Mondino’s “Gone”

 photo SupremeCuts_cover_zps4204952d.jpg
This song has to be heard to be believed. Chicago duo Supreme Cuts have definitely put together their moniker, or at least one cut as a teaser for what’s to come, and it’s the form of a song called “Gone”, which isn’t. It’s right here. It features the vocals of Mahaut Mondino. If the last name is familiar, she is the daughter of legendary music video director Jean Baptiste Mondino, creator of the classic song “La Danse Des Mots”, which was released 30 years ago. Now you get the new era of Mondino with this song that is not to be slept on. The single will be released on the 12th of November, while a full length will be released via Dovecote on January 28th in what will be called Divine Ecstasy, which I am sure it will be.

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