SOME STUFFS: Destruction Unit bring up the “Holy Ghost” and present themselves to European fans for tour

Deep Trip (Sacred Bones) is an album that has placed Destruction Unit on the road for the majority of 2013, and it seems like they’re not ready to stop, not with a one-month tour of Europe that is happening right now, and will be happening every day from now until mid-November. Show these guys your love and support if they’re near you:

October 15… Hamburg, Germany (Hafenklang)
October 16… Hannover, Germany (Sturmglocke)
October 17… Uthrect, Holland (DB’s)
October 18… Harlem, Holland (Patronaat)
October 19… Antwerp, Belgium (Kavka)
October 20… Kortrijk, Belgium (The Pit’s)
October 21… Liege, Belgium (Carlo Levi)
October 22… Paris, France (Point FMR)
October 23… London, UK (Old Blue Last)
October 24… Newcastle, UK (The Tyne Bar)
October 25… Manchester, UK (The Soup Kitchen)
October 26… Brighton, UK (Prince Albert)
October 27… Rennes, France (Sympathetic Bar)
October 28… Bordeaux, France (TBA)
October 29… Barcelona, Spain (Sala Sidecar)
October 30… Madrid, Spain (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
October 31… Libson, Portugal (ZDB)
November 1… Guimaraes, Portugal (CAAA)
November 2… Bermeo, Spain (Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala)
November 3… San Sebastian, Basque (Bukowski)
November 4… Tolouse, France (TBA)
November 5… Marseille, France (La Machine a Coudre)
November 6… Carpi, Italy (Mattatoio)
November 7… Roa, Italy (Dal Verme)
November 8… Milano, Italy (Cox 18)
November 9… Luzern, Switzerland (Sudpol)
November 10… Verona, Italy (White Rabbit)
November 11… Lubiana, Slovenia (TBA)
November 12… Wien, Austria (Arena)
November 13… Padova, Italy (Bastione Alicorno)
November 14… Karlsruhe, Germany (Alte Hackerei)
November 15… Lepzig, Germany (Raum Der Kulturen)
November 16… Berlin, Germany (Auster Club)

The band also made a video for the song “Holy Ghost” before they went to Europe, head back to the top and click play right now.

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