SOME STUFFS: Art Of Noise “Into Battle” EP to be recreated in an orchestral performance as part of 1980’s music celebration

 photo 19eighties_banner_zps21dd93c6.jpg
My love of the first phase of Zang Tuum Tumb Records is strong, so while it saddens me I will not be able to see and witness this in person, I hope this will be recorded in an audio and visual manner for future observances.

Art Of Noise’s 1983 Into Battle EP (which I honored a few weeks ago as part of my Dust It Off column) will be “stripped bare and transformed into a defiantly non-electronic orchestral suite”, which means every sound heard on the EP will be recreated live by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conduced by Richard Balcombe. That means every drum, every “doh doh duuuuuuuuuuh”, every “yenom”, every orchestral burst, every “tra la la”, every “BRIGHT…NOISE” will be done live. The presentation, called 19eighties, is being called a “one-off documentary soundtrack to the decade you either love, or love to hate, presented as part of The Rest Is Noise, the Southbank Centre’s year-long festival exploring the sound of the 20th century through talks, debates and films and concerts.” Scheduled to appear at the performance: Art Of Noise’s Paul Morley and Anne Dudley.

Also scheduled for this performance will be the BBC Concert Orchestra performing Andrew Poppy’s complex “32 Frames For Orchestra”, which should be incredible. It would be great if Poppy, and perhaps AoN’s Dudley, did “Cadenza” as an encore. If I were at this performance and they did this song, I think my mind would blow up.

“Special guests” are going to show up but who exactly are these guests are uncertain, or at least publicly uncertain. 19eighties is happening at the Southbank Centre on November 30th at 7:30pm. Click here for ticket information.

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