VIDEO: Moonshoes’ “If You Want To Do It”

This is the type of song where you want to bring it in and let it throb for awhile. I speak of Moonshoes and the tune “If You Want To Do It”. The ultimate answer would be to simply do it so just… you know what I’m talking about. Pure disco for those who like to groove. The song is from Moonshoes’ Boogieland album, described as “a concept album, a journey in Blaxploitation”. I’m not sure if Gilles Paulet (the man behind Moonshoes) wanted for his music to be called that, it comes off a bit as saying “I like this music which comes from this era, and since it was exploited, I’m going to exploit it too”. It’s a good song, but I think the means of promotion comes off like confident snobbery. I’m sure that wasn’t his intention.

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