VIDEO: Swearin’s “Dust In The Gold Sack”

They are a band to rock, not to mock. They are Swearin’, and forget the fact that one of the members is playing a guitar with loose strings that would make it impossible to play the sounds heard in the song. Forget the fact that the vocalist has her microphone positioned in a way that’s not unlike Lemmy, even though this song sounds nothing like “Ace Of Spades”. Forget the humor in seeing an old Sony radio which states it offers “TV Sound” because you were able to tune into the audio for any channel that existed on VHF. Shit out of luck if you lived in a down with only UHF channels. Forget the fact that the drummer is playing a tambourine and what looks like a paint brush, even though what you’re hearing is a proper drum set. Forget the fact that you’ll also see pubic hair and a praying nun, but both are independent from one another and not in the same shot. Also forget the fact that the band hold up their arms in unity. But remember to press play to watch “Dust In The Gold Sack”, because it’s a very good song and I’d like for you to be entertained. The song will appear on their Salinas/Wichita Recordings album Surfing Strange, still set for a release on November 4th. They are on tour now, click here for a look at where they will be performing next.

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