FREE DL: Reef The Last Cauze & Raj of Dumhi’s “92 Flow”

 photo ReefDumhi92_cover_zps468d5727.jpg
It’s a song they did for their Sirens On Snyder EP and now you can download it for free. If you haven’t heard the release by Reef The Lost Cauze and Raj of Dumhi, then this is your proper introduction to it. They go back 21 years and thrive on that “92 Flow”, back when hip-hop was different. Then again, anything from over 20 years ago, be it music, fashion, or sensibilities, shows age but the flows of 92 have aged well, never dated and even if dated, it shows sensibilities that may not exist anymore. The song was probably created as a means to either go back to that sensibility, or find out what we’ve lost in order to get to where we’re at right now.

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