REVIEW: Black-Tokyo Musik & Po’ Safe Beats’ “The Beat Hoarders, Vol. 2”

 photo BTMPSBBHV2_cover_zpsd1e73510.jpg This new album is an assembly of tracks by Black-Tokyo Musik and Po’ Safe Beats, both getting an event amount of songs (ten) and both getting a chance to explore the world through sounds and samples, and making some incredible music. Po’ Safe Beats’ are knee deep in the obscure and I love the way he manipulates the unfamiliar and unknown to create these dank and sleazy jams, a lot of something from minor nothings. Black-Tokyo Musik’s tracks can be anything from hyperactive to dope, and can be deliberately hip-hop or not, depending on ones perspective. Po’ Safe Beats is someone who enjoys a wide range of texture to create a new texture or two, and Black-Tokyo Music does the same thing, but different. I think those who are fans of one or the other will become a fan of both artists by the end of this album. Let’s hope they do more projects in 2014.

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