SOME STUFFS: Coffin Lust release a remastered version of “Beyond The Dark” EP

 photo CoffinLust_cover_zpsd0ae3dcf.jpg
If you’re a fan of death metal, but prefer the sounds of what bands created in the late 80’s/early 90’s and not so much the current style of the genre, you’ll want to check out an Australian group called Coffin Lust. Beyond The Dark is a new EP release on the Aurora Australis label, and was originally a cassette release on Sarlaac Productions. This new version was remastered, 4-songs, 17 minutes of solid ugliness that you might enjoy. Only 1000 copies have been made for it so for those who value their death metal, you may want to consider this one.

Coffin Lust originally started as a one-man project by Jarro Raphael, known for his work with Nocturnal Graves. Coffin Lust has been expanded to a 2-man function so no tour plans as of yet. With this EP being remastered and getting a proper release, we will see what will happen with them.

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