VIDEO: Mayors Of Miyazaki’s “Tongues”
Mayors of Miyazaki – Tongues on MUZU.TV.
Mark Ludgate directed this video for a great song called “Tongues” by a very good band called Mayors Of Miyazaki, who play a brand of rock that could easily branch/break off into something noisy but they resist the urge to go completely chaotic. The song is from their current album Holy Cop (We Be), and now you can have an eyeful with your earful.

SOME STUFFS: Hope Drone to release limited edition copies of new album on cassette

 photo HopeDrone_cover_zpsd4e01e5e.jpg
If you’re in the mood for some metal with a bit more adventure, specifically black metal that goes above and beyond, you’ll want to become aware of a band out of Brisbane, Australia called Hope Drone. The group will be releasing a 4-song, self-titled album in December and they are going to press it up on cassette for analog enthusiasts. Only 100 copies are being made, so if you want to know if it’s worth your while, you can stream it in full below via Bandcamp, and make a purchase through those same means as well. The cassette will be mailed out on or around December 2nd (which is next week) while the digital version will be made available on the 10th of December.

RECORD CRACK: Sea Of Shit release 10″ of self-titled EP

 photo SeaOfShit_cover_zps20814a03.jpg
Chicago punk/hardcore/metal mayhem is at an all time high with help from Sea Of Shit, who released a 15-song EP digitally this past summer, but for those who have waited for it to drop on vinyl, the wait is over. This one hits hard and endlessly, at least for under 20 minutes. Stream it in full below and if you’re into as I am, show some support and buy the record.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Fluffy Pancakes and Classified Topping (from French Guy Cooking)

My love of breakfast cannot be designed and while there are days when I’ll go through a week of just breakfast cereal, I do like to cook it up and one of the best ways to do it is with pancakes. The French Guy Cooking channel decided to show some of his breakfast making skills by putting together some fluffy pancakes and not only that, but he is adding something that cannot be discussed. At least, until you watch it. This time out, the French guy gets a bit of help from some people you should recognize if you are a fan of food-related videos on YouTube.

VIDEO/FREE DL: PHZ-Sicks’ “Coming Down”

The video has been made, it is too late now like a Cornelius Brothers statement. I speak of PHZ-Sicks out of the VA (that’s Virginia, for those of you who do not know your U.S. state abbreviations) and with an album due out soon called The Moment, he is doing what it takes to let people know about his work and that he has new pieces of his work for hearing and enjoying. “Coming Down” is one of those songs, and it’s not a way to say that if you listen to his music, you will come down with an illness. It’s something else. You may download the track as well via Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Yogi’s “Christian Bale”

 photo Yogi_cover_zps138637d1.jpg
OWSLA continues to be hot and fierce and they’re not afraid to be pierced. Case in point: new signees Yogi, who are preparing to release an EP in early 2014 but for now, you may have a slice of their din din (yes, I just wrote din din) called “Christian Bale”, which is not a whale and you don’t have to give up anything as a means of putting up bail. Be careful: you may end up tonguing this song in all directions. I could easily see rappers rhyming over this one for shits and giggles.

AUDIO: One Dae’s “Daes & Times” (full album stream)

The new album by One Dae is called Daes & Times, released yesterday via Coalmine and if you haven’t heard anything about it, welcome yourself to it. The album features contributions from Domingo, M-Phazes, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah, Evidence, and Sean Price among many, and now you can treat yourself to it in audio form.

FREE MP3 DL: Soul Glimpse’s “In The Dawn Of Day”

 photo SoulGlimpse_cover_zps964eaf79.jpg
If Louisiana is on your mind, you may want to have a listen to an artist from there named Austyn Sullivan. He goes under the name Soul Glimpse, whose music is described as having “dense textures and atmospheres to further the understanding of oneself and the melodies that lie within”, which kinda sounds far out but the proof is in the pudding. It’s a blend of pop, electronics, and distance through distortion. You may expect for the clarity of digital to come through but something hides it from full view, so you get in touch with how it’s presented and realize the distortion is either in your mind or a metaphor of what is meant/needs to be covered up. Or something like that. Have a listen to “In The Dawn Of Day” (9.1mb) and find out a new way for the sun to rise and/or set in your life.