REVIEW: Mirror Travel’s “Mexico”

  • Getting a lot of music to review on a daily basis, there are a small handful of times where I will not know if I reviewed something until I’m about midway through writing the review itself or somewhere within the listening process. It happened here and when I compared reviews, it comes off as if I was listening to two different albums or groups. Here is my original review. Now I present to you the new review, written before I wrote this introduction.

     photo MirrorTravel_cover_zpsacb14cf1.jpg Mexico is music that has that new wave/alternative feel, reminiscent of music from the 80’s and 90’s that may bring to mind the likes of Lush, Echo & The Bunnymen, and to some degree Throwing Muses, and that’s partly due to the ways of the jingle/jangle guitars played by vocalist Lauren Green. Oh, the name of the band is Mirror Travel, and the music on this album is the type that you’ll want to remember and play over and over, for it has the kind of lasting power that comes from hearing the lyrics, understanding and believing in them because you hear yourself in Green’s voice. The majority of the songs on here are the perfect pop song length (between three to five minutes), but one song (“Pinholes”) goes for close to six, and I hope they are explorers in a live setting, for I’d love to hear what they’re capable of doing, playing these songs in a live setting while feeding off from the crowd. For the most part, the songs are quick and fancy free and it’s good to know that they’re able to pull that off effectively, but they also know how to carry things in long and drawn out moments if needed. Drummer Tiffanie Lanmon is great to listen to and bassist Paul Brinkley rounds things off and places everything dead center, becoming the navigator of sorts as a means to guide everyone from start to finish.

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