REVIEW: Papermoons’ “No Love”

 photo Papermoons_cover_zps5140044d.jpg Papermoons make moving pop music for those who choose/care to be moved, and their latest project No Love (Deep Elm) shows how much enthusiasm they have to create a positive movement. The singing is pleasant and easy, they’ll play in a sometimes-simple fashion but at the right times, they’ll turn up the electricity and cause jolts between one another to create a mighty crunch, as they do in “Arms Length”. Other times they’ll get into a melodic section that may sound something close to Wilco or even Coldplay, and what I like about these guys is that while they’re doing something with a bit of an edge, they’re also capable of creating radio/movie/app-friendly music that could appeal to a much broader audience. “Heart/Brain” gets into a blues/pop dirge that shows some of their strengths outside of their core circle but by including it as part of their repertoire, it’s not outside but an inside thing. The album closes with a slight country flair and twang with “Lungs”, as if they can see the highway signs telling them they’re close to home, and Papermoons play with the kind of fervor that show they want to travel much more, and further. I’m certain their navigation skills will keep them discovering new things, or finding new ways to get to their preferred destinations of choice.

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