REVIEW: Uncommon Nasa’s “Land Of The Way It Is”

 photo UncommonNasa_cover_zpsf3645528.jpg Uncommon Nasa’s Land Of The Way It Is is a slight throwback to the days when rappers and producers made an emphasis on well written and spoken lyrics and words, and deep production that wasn’t assembled from what everyone else was doing or wanted to be accessible. “Pasta w/ Butter” is a nice and funky song that touches on the struggles many of us have to deal with in order to make it in troubled times, while “My Ego’s Big” is about the attitudes we all tend to carry, even though we don’t have to. Aeon Grey and Elucid help out with their attitudes, creating a movement of smacks and cracks. The only time the album gets weak is in the final song, “The Future”, and with a title like that I expected things to be wrapped up nicely but for me, it didn’t, thus becoming the only flaw I could sense from Land Of The Way It Is, but it may not be a flaw for you. This is the kind of hip-hop I would turn to first, and I’d like to think that accounts for something.

(Uncommon Nasa has since released a new single with Sarcasmo and Google called “Uncommon Karma”, which you’ll want to check out by clicking here.)

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